Super yacht support for northern Europe


Our custom made itineraries are tailor made for each yacht individually.  As every owner or charter guest is unique, every trip is unique. Below you find some topics to give you and your guests an idea about the range of options we offer.  Of course your trip can also be a combination of all.
Depending on your vessels cruising speed, how many days you would like to spend in the Baltic and your guests preferences, we will able to plan the perfect trip for you.



The HANSE was a commercial confederation of merchant guilds and market towns dating back to the late middle ages. They established free trading and thus became very powerful and rich communities along the Baltic coasts.



Explore the little Island of Faroe north of Gotland by bicycle. Cycling along the beautiful shoreline and visit the Raukar, some lime stone sculptures formed by the land rising after the ice ages followed by centuries of corrosion.



Imagine being at anchor surrounded by magnificent scenery, just your vessel, peace and quiet as your only company.



In most places of the Baltic you can experience local delicacies. You might like to sample the famous Marzipan in the old Hanse town of Luebeck and buy some to bring back as unique souvenir.